Herbs de Provence

We now carry incredibly fresh Herbs de Provence from Market Spice. A combination of thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, savory and lavender; this French herb blend will make just about anything taste better.

De Buyer 11″ Country Chef Pan

De Buyer is quickly becoming one of our top selling lines of cookware! With it’s incredible heat distribution and non-stick ability without a coating, it is easy to see why. We now have the 11″ Country Chef Frypan in stock.

Kitchen-Aid Coffee Siphon

Did you know that the Coffee Siphon is one the most accurate ways of making coffee? We have always carried the stove-top siphon but now we have the Kitchen-Aid electric siphon that is simple to use and more robust for everyday use.

Espro French Press

The Espro French Press is changing the press reputation for the better! With dual micro-screens and a silicone gasket, you will soon be enjoying the “cleanest” cup of press coffee you have EVER had! We now carry the glass and Double-Wall stainless presses in 4 different sizes!

De Buyer Cookware

Looking for a non-stick pan that doesn’t have a coating and will last FOREVER?! Look no further. The DeBuyer Carbon Steel pans are easy to season and have an amazing non-stick surface without the coating! Made in France

USA Pans with racks

We hope by now that you own a USA Pan! They are heavy gauge steel pans with a Silicone coating that are simply incredible! They now come with a baking rack!

Shun Premier Cutlery

Have you seen the Shun Premier Cutlery? They are amazing works of art as well as functional kitchen knives. We are now stocking more shapes and sizes!