Family background: I am the oldest of five children. My siblings and I all inherited the cooking gene and a common palate, but our cooking styles couldn’t be more diverse.

Specialty: Vegetarian and Plant-Based cuisine, drawing on flavor profiles from around the world.

Experience: I’ve been cooking and creating recipes for 26 years, and have been teaching for almost a decade.

Favorite Food: It doesn’t matter what I’m eating, as long as the person I’m sharing the meal with enjoys it as much as myself.

Mentors: My paternal Grandma Aurelia, who showed me how immensely rewarding cooking for others could be, my maternal Grandma Diane, the quintessential Martha Stewart, and my amazing mom, Cindi. My mom taught me patience, perseverance, passion, and a positive attitude are the best ingredients when learning to cook from scratch. She taught me how to combine ingredients for the best flavor, but also how to combine foods to achieve optimal nutrition.

Biggest Culinary Clash: It’s an ongoing mission, to continue to produce recipes that taste as good, if not better than their traditional counterparts. The catch is, I have to make the dish with nutrient dense foods while lowering the sugar, sodium, fat, and cholesterol our bodies don’t need.

My mission: To share my passion with anyone who’s seeking a healthier lifestyle or loves cooking as much as I do!

My cooking style in a nutshell: I’m all about creating recipes that use natural ingredients, minimizing processed foods, and adding more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans to our daily diet.

What I believe: Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or boring, and it should be “everyday affordable”, meaning it shouldn’t take too much of our time or our budget.

My motto: “If it doesn’t taste good, why make it?”