Chef Vira (Pronounced “Vida”) has 30+ yrs experience in the Food Service industry.  She earned her Culinary Degree from the Inland Northwest Academy. Vira has worked in several restaurants  in the Spokane area. She was instrumental in the development of a Food Service Program for low income and homeless women in our community. She was the Chef instructor for the program.

“My passion is teaching, I love teaching folks basic cooking styles and techniques. Because I’m Mexican I love to share the Farm Style of Mexican cooking, very rustic, very simple foods. I love to feed family and friends always and anytime. I love basic American cooking, the simpler the better. I feel that in our home kitchens we can have simplicity loaded with amazing flavor.”

Chef Vira is a past winner of several Cooking Contests for the Northwest Dairy Council and The Penn Cove Mussel Contest.  She also enjoys catering small parties and events.