The Kitchen Engine is offering Complimentary* knife sharpening for a limited time!

*Starting July 1, 2016 – We will begin charging $1 per blade.

We can sharpen your knives to a razors edge and we’ll do it at no charge! One more reason to shop at The Kitchen Engine!

  • Please NO Serrated knives
  • We cannot do repairs
  • 5 Knife Limit

Sharpening is performed once a week, so bring your Cutlery in on Tuesday or before and they will be ready by Thursday.

Cutlery that is brought in on Wednesday or after will not be sharpened until the following Wednesday.

You MUST bring your knives in a roll, towel, or sheath. We cannot accept knives without proper blade protection! We would be happy to sell you blade protection if you don’t have any.

Starting July 1, 2016 – We will begin charging $1 per blade